The Trade Channel in Scandinavia

TOMOVI.com Eod

Welcome to the Swedish trade company!


We work internationally and are specialized on the Scandinavian market: Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

TOMOVI.com develope the Scandinavian market...

We have the cultural knowledge, languishes, know-how about the market and other things that can increase Your sale in Scandinavia.

We have textile lables with the very best quality!

The best technology for GPS-tracking!

We are always open for new areas!

Areas of Expertise


Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro etc.


TOMOV.com has been established in Bulgaria during some years in the late 1990. Experiences from localizations of products, such as: Electrolux, Husqvarna and VOLVO:


We know the culture and also have a lot of contacts in this area. Also we looking in other South European countries, like:

Portugal, Spain etc.


Interesting markets!

- We only look for the best

- Localizations of the products

- Finding sell channels

- Organizing the advertisement

- Follow up and contracting




Contact us...


You can reach us at the following:


+46(0)-72-303 63 77

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