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About Me


I have a long term of experience with people and their culture. I am firm, but tolerant. I expect the best from our business partners, and so are they. It's a mutual understanding.


I have a saying, which I always use:

"Ichi-go, ichi-e" (Japanese), means:

"One time one meeting."


You must take the chanse when it comes. There is always "timing" in business. Do not hesitate, but don't rush into anything either.  There is a time for everything.



"International Business in Eastern Europe".

C++, OOP-programming.

Economical Education.

Sale Education (the best in Sweden!)


Lunds University, Sweden

1998 - 2000

C++/OOP, Itek, Malmö, Sweden


Economical School, Sweden

Awards & Recognition

Sept. 26, 2017

Medal for Leadership in Econimic



Aug 9, 2015

Science Econimic Awards



March 9, 1997

Best Software Production


Since 2018-


President of "The European Shukumine Gensei Ryu Karate-do Federation".

2012 - 2019



Since 1990-


President of Eod.

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